Project Style Recruitment

Give us total responsibility for one or all of your roles.

What is it?

With project-style recruitment, you always know what's happening next.

CV overwhelm is a relic of the past. Instead, you sign off a project plan that covers sourcing, check-in call, shortlisting, our Big Red screening interviews, your interview dates, and the all-important offer.  

All our communication is clear and honest.

We know you're tired of smoke and mirrors. Checking in with you is our priority – we even screenshare our tools, data, and project stats halfway to give you deeper insight into the market and what’s available.


You can expect a 2.5-week turnaround for permanent positions, and around 3 days for contract roles.

This is a premium recruitment process, without feeling pretentious. And we're not working alone. Our network is your network. Think of it as the VIP access pass to top-tier talent. 

Benefit from our typical 3:1 interview to hire ratio.

Rely on our 20+ years of expertise, pooled resources, and market-leading data tools. Instead of a scattergun approach, your project produces a shortlist of top-tier talent. You interview three, and always hire one (or more!).


"We particularly like the structured way Big Red approach a project... We also had great feedback from candidates, and a stronger pool of candidates for us to interview."

Technical Delivery Manager, Bluecube


You love the project-style approach - and so do your candidates.

We're big on professionalism and building relationships. That shines through to candidates, making you an employer of choice. 

We don't just fill vacancies; we help shape your team.

Long-term relationships, like the 13 years we've had with Aldi and 12 with GSA, prove we're not about quick fixes. We work alongside you to support your growth. 

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Want something even more hands-off? Make us your long-term recruitment partner. 

Imagine us as an extended arm of your business, always ready, always informed.

Over time, we develop a deep understanding of your company, culture, goals, and team dynamics.

Identifying the right people becomes second nature... we can confidently speak to candidates as though we're part of your organisation. 

Start your journey
Mix and match services that add the most value to your hiring strategy.
  • Market Research Market Research

    Timely and usable data. Interpreted by the experts at Big Red, conveyed to you.

  • Sourcing Sourcing

    Tap into active and passive candidates.

    Industry-leading sourcing technology gives you access to the very best.

  • Talent Pipeline Talent Pipeline

    A pre-qualified talent pool, on demand. Rely on candidate relationships we’ve nurtured and maintained.

  • Reporting Reporting

    Success metrics, progress updates, and flexibility. The power behind a data-driven strategy.

  • Recruitment Marketing Recruitment Marketing

    Your message, in front of the right people. Create engaged candidates familiar with your brand.

  • Process Improvement Process Improvement

    Remove obstacles to efficient hiring. Access our flexible, fine-tuned approach to process optimisation.

  • Candidate Feedback Candidate Feedback

    A better-equipped hiring strategy. Get optimised with candidate feedback and analysis.

  • Project Assurance Project Assurance

    From initial scope, to legal and governance. Have confidence in a regulated hiring strategy that evolves with your business plans.

  • Onsite Recruitment Onsite Recruitment

    One point of contact at your location. Recruitment simplified, for swifter results.

Looking for a new role?

Ever been left hanging, wondering where you stand in a recruitment process?

That’s not how we do things. Here's what you can look forward to with us: 
  • No square pegs in round holes. We find jobs that fit your skills and fuel your ambitions. 
  • Clarity is key. You always know where you stand, and what the next steps are. 
  • Tired of being one step behind on the best roles? Not anymore. You get access to roles in top tech firms - before they hit the market. 
  • No pressure. No stress. Just support - from the first chat to signing the contract. 

Find a job you love