Executive Search

Discover the next big name to lead your organisation.


We find the leaders you need, even if they're not looking.

When it comes to filling essential leadership positions, it's not enough to just take applications. You need the best, even if they're not on the market. That's where we come in. 

We map the market, pinpointing your options.

Once you've made a decision, we use our extensive networks to engage with potential candidates. We do all the pre-screening: do they align with your vision? Could they drive your aspirations? If the answer is yes, we'll introduce you.


Market Mapping

Before we begin, we map the terrain. We want to understand not just the role, but the industry landscape, potential candidates, and where they're positioned. This crucial first step informs our entire search process. 


We take a project-driven route. Set start and end dates ensure you’re not left hanging, while our proven methods, refined over years, guarantee we're targeting the right talent in the most efficient manner.

Engagement and Relationship Management

Once we pinpoint potential candidates, we engage, assess, and manage the relationships. We walk them through the recruitment process, ensuring they feel valued, understood, and excited about the potential role. 


After identification and engagement, we smooth the final steps, from compensation negotiations to onboarding, ensuring a seamless transition. 

Mix and match services that add the most value to your hiring strategy.
  • Market Research Market Research

    Timely and usable data. Interpreted by the experts at Big Red, conveyed to you.

  • Sourcing Sourcing

    Tap into active and passive candidates.

    Industry-leading sourcing technology gives you access to the very best.

  • Talent Pipeline Talent Pipeline

    A pre-qualified talent pool, on demand. Rely on candidate relationships we’ve nurtured and maintained.

  • Reporting Reporting

    Success metrics, progress updates, and flexibility. The power behind a data-driven strategy.

  • Recruitment Marketing Recruitment Marketing

    Your message, in front of the right people. Create engaged candidates familiar with your brand.

  • Process Improvement Process Improvement

    Remove obstacles to efficient hiring. Access our flexible, fine-tuned approach to process optimisation.

  • Candidate Feedback Candidate Feedback

    A better-equipped hiring strategy. Get optimised with candidate feedback and analysis.

  • Project Assurance Project Assurance

    From initial scope, to legal and governance. Have confidence in a regulated hiring strategy that evolves with your business plans.

  • Onsite Recruitment Onsite Recruitment

    One point of contact at your location. Recruitment simplified, for swifter results.