Have your pick of the bunch

The hiring landscape is changing, with the shift to a candidate-driven market yielding unheard-of counteroffers, and 15%+ salary increases for job-hoppers.

Have you noticed candidates are being way more selective?  

We're also starting to see a much smaller pool of qualified candidates, especially in niche and skilled roles.   

So, how can you make sure you have your pick of the bunch? 


It’s time to get... flexi 

The pandemic showed us even City bankers can work from home - unprecedented in the truest sense of the word. 

This year, you'll need to provide grounded statistics and reasoning to clients who continue to drag their feet on flexible working policies. On the other hand, we're finding that many senior candidates still do want to come into the office - bear in mind that flexibility is most attractive.   

Remind your clients that taking a hard line on office versus remote working is going to hinder their ability to win over that top-calibre talent.  It’s not one-size-fits all.  


Making the most of less 

The Great Resignation left employers desperate for highly skilled talent, and we've seen applicants quickly leverage their newfound value and scarcity over the past two years. Expect fewer applications for attractive roles as candidates become even more selective about the benefits, salary, and remote working options available.  

Make job descriptions and applications direct, use 'easy-apply' functionality, and encourage clients to sharpen up their brand positioning. No longer do they have the pick of the bunch - the tables have well and truly turned.    


EVP evolution 

In today’s digital landscape, the expectation is convenience and interest-matching.    

Employers - and by extension, recruiters - are not exempt from this. Casting a wide net doesn't work anymore. The candidate will self-reject as soon as they feel misaligned with the EVP.    

Encourage clients to be more specific in their EVP development. Dig into detail about personality types, work culture, and expectations from the outset.    

The advantage is that now more than ever, candidates want to resonate with like-minded individuals in the workplace. The last thing they want is to be misled, and the last thing YOU want is a supposedly star candidate revealing they aren't a good fit halfway down the line.   


Making wooing work for you   

In an increasingly remote world, taking the opportunity to see the candidate interact with different types of people can be immensely valuable. If they're truly the cream of the crop, aligned with the company's values and ethics, and have the right 'fit', you'll feel it more convincingly than ever in this microcosmic environment.    

Being able to assess the candidate in person puts you back in the driving seat. Plus, it gives them the opportunity to feel on a personal level whether your client is the right fit. 


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