11+ Years Of Recruitment Partnership Success For GSA

Geoff Smith Associates (GSA)

As a family-owned software company, Geoff Smith Associates (GSA) has delivered highly configurable intelligence, investigations and case management solutions to police, LEA's, regulatory bodies and other organisations for 20+ years.

We delivered…

81 hires since 2012
3 : 1 interview : placement ratio
29-day average time-to-hire (2022)

Over the past 11 years GSA has grown significantly in size. With the help of Big Red, we've recruited 90%+ of our development and technical staff... all of whom have proved to be exceptionally talented and hardworking. 

HR Manager, GSA

Support to scale, on time and on-brief 

Prior to meeting with us, GSA used a PSL for talent acquisition. Struggling with control over project timelines, quality control of CVs delivered, and candidates lacking motivation, they came to Big Red for an initial C# Developer project - could we deliver high-quality talent more efficiently? 

The first hiring project was a fantastic success. Another project followed, before we entered into a managed service partnership with GSA to own their hiring as well as optimise recruitment processes across the board. 

A long-term partnership geared for success 

Since 2011, Big Red has sourced and placed over 90% of GSA's technology and project resource.  

We've made 81 placements into GSA over 11 years, including C#/.Net Developers, Python Developers, App Support Engineers, Software Testers, Project Managers, and a Head of Software Engineering.  

Such an extended relationship with GSA means we have an instinctive understanding of their needs, both technical and cultural. Finding the perfect fit becomes more efficient and accurate as time goes on - we can identify straight away if a candidate is 'GSA material'. 

A focus on authentic relationship management 

For upwards of six years, GSA's account manager at Big Red was Niki Smith. When she took maternity leave and ultimately decided to step away from recruitment, GSA hired her as a project manager, feeling the synergy between them was something they were keen to retain.  

We truly believe this speaks to the kind of genuine, long-term client relationships we strive for here at Big Red.