Empowering Digital Transformation For SHG

Southern Housing Group (SHG)

Southern Housing Group was established in 1901 and has grown to become one of the largest housing associations in the South East of England.


We delivered…

2.4 Interview to Hire Ratio
<4 Hiring time reduced to <4 weeks
Multiple Hires to support both BAU and deliver the transformation

Working with Big Red took the time and pain out of the recruitment process. We have a high success rate of recruits through Big Red, many of whom went on to more senior positions within Southern Housing Group.

Director of Technology, Southern Housing Group

SHG house 77,000 customers, own and manage over 30,000 homes and properties and work with over 40 local authorities. Southern Housing Group employ over 1,200 people, offer a range of housing products for rent and sale, and undertake a wide range of activities to improve the lives of their customers. SHG is a member of the G15, which represents the UK’s largest housing associations.


What did SHG need?

As part of a total digital transformation, SHG wanted to adopt and deliver technology improvements to achieve their goal of becoming a “cloud first” organisation.

This new digital strategy would make it easier for their customers to interact with them and enable SHG to provide enhanced services through a variety of channels.

Strategic hires were required across the IT function in Project Management, Service Operations, BI, Architecture, InfoSec, and more for both permanent and contract resource to ensure the transformation was successfully delivered.


Key Challenges for SHG

  • Delivering digital transformation with minimal impact to service across the IT estate
  • Hiring additional IT resource in key areas to back fill roles OR specific skills not found in the internal IT team 
  • Combining digital transformation support, right culture fit, and specific technical role requirements.
  • They had been fielding poor quality CVs from multiple agencies creating time wastage for managers.
  • Poor understanding from agencies in terms of culture and progression fit held back the transformation project, plus BAU support.


Our Solution 


We delivered...

  • Multiple hires into both Technical Specialist and Support team positions which successfully empowered delivery of the digital transformation project, across all business areas. 

  • The 2.4 interview to hire ratio meant minimal time invested in the recruitment process. And our measurable, planned interview process considers the unique candidate match, allowing SHG to consistently hire and retain the best people.

  • This drastically reduced time to hire to less than 4 weeks.



What it's like working with us


"Big Red would capture the brief on the vacant role and always understood the character profile we were seeking. This often meant that the first time we met a candidate was also the last time we would meet them before their first day in their new role. The strategic partnership with Big Red not only enabled us to focus on the job at hand, but has enriched the organisation with new faces and perspectives, helping drive the organisation forward."


- Director of Technology, Southern Housing Group