Executive Search Recruitment

Executive Search Recruitment uses market mapping and strict deadlines to engage top executive talent.  

Our Executive Search approach

    The executive search process can be long and risk losing the interest of key exec talent. We streamline this with our signature project-style approach, directed by market mapping and analysis. 

    You'll get defined start and end dates and total project visibility. To reach great exec level talent, we leverage our strong reputation and relationships on your behalf.  
    Before any recruitment takes place, we produce a market mapping report to discuss with you.  

    Assume you need a CTO, but the role is new. You need to build it out from the ground up. You might not know what a CTO role looks like for you, where your target exec is working, salary expectations, or what "good" looks like. 
    Our report gives you a comprehensive overview of your options. We'll collaborate on ironing out the specifics before we kick off your exec search project.  
    We do all the leg work: engaging the executive and walking them through the recruitment process.
    We expertly manage the relationship, for a smooth transition between Big Red and you. 


We're proud of our reputation for excellence and history of sourcing high-profile executives. Working with us means you have a foot in the door for attracting and winning key talent for your executive search project. 
You'll experience a high level of recruiter engagement and enmeshment with your existing processes. This way, you can focus on deliverables while we take the weight of sourcing ideal candidates off your hands.

For one-off hiring projects, see our Project-Driven Talent Solution.

Mix and match services that add the most value to your hiring strategy.
  • Onsite Recruitment Onsite Recruitment

    One point of contact at your location. Recruitment simplified, for swifter results.

  • Project Assurance Project Assurance

    From initial scope, to legal and governance. Have confidence in a regulated hiring strategy that evolves with your business plans.

  • Candidate Feedback Candidate Feedback

    A better-equipped hiring strategy. Get optimised with candidate feedback and analysis.

  • Process Improvement Process Improvement

    Remove obstacles to efficient hiring. Access our flexible, fine-tuned approach to process optimisation.

  • Recruitment Marketing Recruitment Marketing

    Your message, in front of the right people. Create engaged candidates familiar with your brand.

  • Reporting Reporting

    Success metrics, progress updates, and flexibility. The power behind a data-driven strategy.

  • Talent Pipeline Talent Pipeline

    A pre-qualified talent pool, on demand. Rely on candidate relationships we’ve nurtured and maintained.

  • Sourcing Sourcing

    Tap into active and passive candidates.

    Industry-leading sourcing technology gives you access to the very best.

  • Market Research Market Research

    Timely and usable data. Interpreted by the experts at Big Red, conveyed to you.