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At Big Red we're very fortunate and believe that helping those who don’t share the same advantages as us is an important thing to do.

In October 2011 we visited Swaziland and spent a week travelling around witnessing the effect that HIV AIDS is having on their beautiful country. Seeing first hand the devastating effects it was having on people's lives, we decided that when we got back we were going to do something to help. That was when the Swazi Education Fund was born.

In Swaziland the state pays for primary education but secondary education has to be paid for by the families. As a result of HIV AIDS there are many single and double orphan families, resulting in lots of children condemned to a life of poverty and the lack of a proper education.

That’s where the fund comes in. We have contacts on the ground in Swaziland who identify bright, determined and poor children for whom we pay for their secondary education and give them the support to buy books, uniforms and school shoes.

As of the start of January 2015 there will be 22 children in Swaziland enjoying their education courtesy of the amazing support of staff and friends of Big Red who have been involved with the fund raising. The plan is to add another 10 children each year until we peak at 50 children, all of whom we then hope to support through university.

We believe that through education we can create a lasting legacy, where better educated Swazis are able to lead their country to greater prosperity. If you would like to find out more please get in touch.

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