EP Morris


Big Red first engaged with EP Morris because they were struggling to find good local candidates and wanted an agency that can manage the recruitment process and improve efficiency.


EP Morris are a niche software company that works with bus operators and local authorities to analyse, optimise and streamline their business processes, make savings and maximise profitability.


When Big Red first met with EP Morris, it was clear that they viewed agencies as a source of CVs, adding no further value on top of that. They were therefore getting frustrated in the recruitment process – irrelevant CVs, lack of quality, lack of control and visibility over the progress. This resulted in a lengthy time to hire and a lot of wasted time through interviewing the wrong candidates.

Our Solution:

By implementing a more structured recruitment process, with timescales in place and interview times pre-booked, Big Red managed to implement a more manageable and visible process. There was a large amount of time saved as EP Morris only interviewed candidates that had been through the Big Red interview, ensuring they were the right profile.


• 9 hires in two years across Development, Support and Test.
• Between 2 and 3 interviews per hire which was a dramatic improvement.
• A long term exclusive recruitment partnership.

Client's Comment:

“We particularly like the structured way Big Red approach a project with dates and timescales planned in from the beginning. We always knew what resource and time we needed to allocate and, for us, this made the whole recruitment process less painful. We also liked that BR undertook their initial interviews at our offices as it gave us a chance to meet the candidates informally and they had a chance to look us over as well.”

Jacky Powell, Director