Writing the perfect advert

A well designed job advert – when written in the right way – can attract high quality candidates that are at a premium in the current market. In essence, the right job advert is vital in selling your opportunity to the desired target audience.

Make it personal. Refer to the reader as ‘you’ and use the second person when describing the role, requirements and expectations. This will help the candidate visualise themselves in the role and keep them engaged.

Before writing a job advert you should try and understand the nature of the candidates you are targeting and include the relevant information to attract that audience. Use the language they would use – imagine what they will be interested in outside of work too. That said, the usual parameters i.e. salary banding and benefits, location and main skills should be included alongside the softer skills and company description.

A carefully considered job advert targeted at the right market will mean the applications to your role will be as relevant as possible. It is far better to have 5 candidates with all the relevant skills than 50 with the wrong skills.

Try to think of an opening line that best describes the company and culture. It’s best to stay away from buzz words such as “market-leading” or “truly-unique” used by the majority of companies posting on the job boards. Contrary to popular belief using buzz words will make your advert very similar and monotonous to the reader and they will soon lose interest.

An opening sentence or strapline of an advert should be factual and brief but with enough information to tell the reader about the type of company, where it’s based and a small piece of information on the current status of the company and why the position has opened up.

Be creative with your writing! A few carefully selected words can be the difference between engaging with the target audience and them dismissing the advert. The advert shouldn’t only be descriptive but also carry a personal touch to the reader. They will want to understand what they will be doing, what the benefits are to them (both on a professional and financial level), the culture and the main driving factors of the business.

It’s not just the content that’s important in a good job advert – the layout is just as, if not more important that the content. One long, wordy paragraph will lose the affect and key information will be missed. Instead try using shorter sentences as these will keep the reader engaged.

To summarise, people assume that big adverts produce a big response – they don’t unless they are relevant. A short-to-moderately sized advert directed correctly will produce a better response and may even tempt those passive candidates into applying.

Make your advert stand-out, attract the talent and hire high calibre candidates.

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