How to land your ideal hire

So you’ve decided to grow your team and hire a new employee, you’ve created a winning job description, written the perfect advert, reviewed what feels like a million CVs and interviewed your shortlisted candidates! What do you do next?

Recruitment campaigns are time consuming and can be a huge financial investment, you need to do all you can to ensure that you do not lose your perfect candidate after all of your hard work.

Having a structured plan for your recruitment campaign with dates booked in diaries will help to ensure a smooth process and prevent losing candidates to other opportunities. The best candidates will have a number of opportunities to consider during their hunt, few will turn down an offer of employment to go to a second stage interview with no guarantee of a positive outcome.

Other opportunities
The job market for candidates is currently extremely buoyant, they are likely to have several other opportunities to consider. One way of understanding how committed they are to your role is by asking how they feel it compares to the other roles on offer, which one is their preference and at what stage they are at in the interview process, rather than finding out at the end.

Counter offers
With quality candidates becoming more difficult to find, counter offers from current employers are becoming a more regular occurrence. This can be managed by really understanding why the candidate is looking to leave their current role and what it is they want to achieve in their career. Talk to the candidate about their current employer, have they had the conversation with their manager to see if their goals can be achieved without a move? If they are offered more money or the option of working from home will they stay put?

Salary & package
Understand what the candidate is looking for in terms of salary and package from the very beginning, and ask them what they need in order to accept a job offer. Having a clear, open conversation from the start will enable both parties to know exactly where they stand and reduce the risk of disappointment. It will also give you the opportunity to decide how realistic it is for you to offer that salary.

Hiring a new employee takes a lot of time and effort. It is also becoming increasingly difficult to find quality candidates and much easier to lose your ideal candidate to other opportunities or even their current employer. It can often be very tough to change a candidate’s mind, however the points above should help you to reduce the risk of losing your perfect candidate.

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