What's the best thing about working at Big Red?
I would definitely say the team, everyone wants each other to succeed and this was clear from day 1

What makes Big Red different to other recruitment agencies?
A very unique and consultative approach, both to clients and candidates. Long term relationships are so important, the proof is in the pudding really isn’t it!

Describe yourself in three words?
Honest, Fun, Reliable

What do you bring to the team?
I’m a pretty positive person, will go out of my way to support people and I love a bit of banter

What's the best piece of advice you would offer a candidate?
Always prepare, make time as your job will depend on it! Also when we say call with feedback as soon as you leave the building – we mean it!

How do you evaluate success?
Knowing you are making candidates and clients happy and collectively exceeding targets

What are you most passionate about?
My family and friends

What book do you think everyone should read?
This question has highlighted that I should read more!

Favourite Big Red moment?
My first placement and the congratulations from the team  I feel there are plenty of Big Red moments to come

Why you?
Why on earth not?