James McLaughlin

Recruitment Consultant

James McLaughlin

What's the best thing about working at Big Red?
The great team ethic within the office, offering support to every team member through the recruitment rollercoaster

What makes Big Red different to other recruitment agencies?
We care! We build long term relationships with clients and candidates and offer a professional, honest and ethical service

Describe yourself in three words?
Hard-working, driven, personable

What do you bring to the team?
A fantastic singing voice!

What's the best piece of advice you would offer a candidate?
Be honest and believe in your ability! Oh and don’t be late!

How do you evaluate success?
On how happy the client and candidates are with my work, ensuring both are well informed and happy is key to the success of a project

What are you most passionate about?
Family, friends and achieving goals

What book do you think everyone should read?
Da Vinci Code - great read!

Favourite Big Red moment?
Having an offer for 2 candidates on my first project and the Christmas dinners with a massage!

Why you?
Why not?!